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Photo: Costumed locals in the Dominican Republic

As a frequent traveler, I wanted to get some reviews, tips, and photos out there to hopefully inspire readers (travelers and armchair travelers alike!) and hopefully give some ideas and heads-up knowledge to help you better prepare for your own trips, my fellow travel fans! There will be something for everyone here; I take all different kinds of trips from independent travel, to cruises, to resort vacations (both casino and all-inclusive resorts), to weekend getaways, to flying trips, to road trips, to train trips, and more. I have been to 15 foreign countries and traveled extensively in the U.S. As a college student (albeit an older college student), I am not wealthy, so many of you will find the kinds of trips I take affordable, but not shoestring. In addition to information about travel destinations and transportation, I aim to offer other practical tips such as planning, packing, travel gear advice, and help saving money.

Given it’s the end of 2017, I have been planning my 2018 travel adventures. I aim to have most of the year planned out within the next few weeks. I rely heavily on my tax refund to travel, so I try to plan in advance for the whole year and pay as much as I can up-front and at-once. I strive to travel approximately every month – some months twice and a few not at all – as my school schedule allows. I also work, on a flexible schedule. I am often asked how I can afford to travel as much as I do – having more taken out of my paycheck throughout the year, getting a bigger refund, and planning ahead when I have that windfall is one of the ways. Other people set aside a travel budget every month, which works too if you have the discipline to pull it off. (I don’t!) I also use rewards programs, discount travel sites, and methods of getting travel experiences “comped” which I will be happy to share with you.

Writing is my second passion, after travel. I would like to post at least once per week, so on some occasions I may post about trips I took earlier in the year before I began this blog. I have had some thrilling experiences that have remained fresh in my memory. I hope you will have many thrilling travel memories, too. All photos on this blog will be my own.

I hope you will continue to join me in these adventures!

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