New York By Air, Land, and Sea

Whether you explore by land, sea, or air, New York City does not disappoint!

New York lives up to its name time and time again, because every time I go it is new. It is one of those places that keeps reinventing itself, and that has such an abundance of things to do and see that you could spend a lifetime trying to take it all in. The Brooklyn Bridge invites you into the excitement and energy of Manhattan, and what a grand entrance it provides! Just one of many nostalgic landmarks with a backdrop of ultra-modern – New York City has it all!

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As the buildings tower over you, you feel small, but a part of something so much bigger. As the energy of this massive city flows through you, you feel recharged and renewed. I wandered through the dizzying urban jungle, mesmerized by the wealth of sights and sounds I was surrounded by, wondering what would strike my fancy around the next corner.

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Nowhere is that intense energy and excitement more apparent than in Times Square! Here, all of my senses were overwhelmed by an over-saturation of stimulation, between the forest of brilliantly colored neon lights, to the blaring horns of taxis, to the aromas of the outdoor food stalls… Times Square consumes you.

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The Statue of Liberty is not only the most recognizable icon of New York, but probably of the United States. Gazing at the majesty of her from the New York Water Taxi was a delight, just one of many incredible views that can be had from the ship. It is perhaps one of the best values in town for the person who wants to “see it all.” (“Wants” being the operative word here – I don’t know if it’s even possible to actually see it all… I have heard New Yorkers themselves proclaim such an ambition is a lost cause!) The skyline views from the boat are spectacular too!

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To view the inner parts of the island up close and personal, I opted for a double-decker bus tour. Sure, it’s touristy, but if you want to be whisked around town gawking at amazing scenery and getting off wherever you want for a closer look, it fits the bill. On this adventure, you are exposed to the diverse array of neighborhoods in New York, stretching all the way from Harlem to Downtown.

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But perhaps the most stunning views of all are to be had by air – from the top of the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center observatories.

Fortunately, there is still so much of New York to see, and a return in the near future is in order. “I love New York” is more than a touristy catchphrase, it’s a deeply held sentiment that keeps me coming back for more! Whether exploring by land, sea, or air, New York City does not disappoint!


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