Alaska’s Inside Passage

Some trees appear to float on air in the mist

The Norwegian Bliss cruise ship’s Alaska itinerary is an amazing adventure! Sailing through Alaska’s Inside Passage offers a wonderful wilderness that is a breathtaking highlight of any Alaska cruise. It is a surreal world of icebergs, weightlessly wafting puffy clouds of mist, placid green-hued waters (so tinted due to sediment from the glaciers), and endless armies of pine trees descending mountains alongside strings of waterfalls that lay like whimsical ribbons on the landscape. It’s a break taking sight to behold. This experience should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Waterfall “ribbons”

The journey is slow, as the ship greatly reduces speed through this area, both for safety (icebergs abound), and because this is not a path of travel or means to an end, it is a destination in and of itself. There was one time on the cruise it seemed like everyone else was on their balcony too (I know because I was out there all the time when not at port!) and this was it. The clicking of photos being snapped was the only sound echoing in this peaceful paradise. It would be impossible to describe these scenes; a camera is essential for capturing it!

Calm waters melt into the soft outlines of mist

With the waters so calm and the mist so surreal in its softness, at times the outline between the two is only a faint one. The icebergs peeking through the serene waters and hunter green humps of land peering through the billowy mists breach the illusion and tell you where the outline begins. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere else in the world. This is a special place I will never forget.

Thick rows of fog striping the sky

Fog – a Playful Shapeshifter

The thickness of the fog completely obscures the land behind it at times, as if keeping the secret of a great surprise it could reveal at any moment… and does. It stripes the sky in rows… and dissipates rapidly only to form again, a playful shapeshifter. Fog is the artist, while the beautiful Alaskan wilderness is the canvas.  

Where does the water begin?

Blissful and Unbelievable

Alaska’s Inside Passage is like an alien world in its mysterious beauty and pristine wilderness. While the Bliss did not continue all the way to Sawyer Glacier as planned for safety’s sake (amid the thick fog and weather conditions), I was completely satiated after seeing the spectacular wonder of wilderness that is the Inside Passage, and would later see other glaciers in Skagway. If you love a peaceful place, sail into spectacular silence here in the wilds of Alaska. My video tours of Alaska’s Inside Passage and the Norwegian Bliss may be found here!:

Here’s the Inside Passage:

And you can view my tour of the Norwegian Bliss cruise ship, from which I filmed this video, here:

You can read more about Alaska in my posts about Ketchikan here, or Skagway here. Finally, you can read more about Alaska’s Inside Passage, and view a map, here on their official website.

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