Captivating Contradictions in Mazatlan, Mexico!


Cliff Divers

Mazatlan is a bustling metropolis on the Mexican Riviera, though you’re never far from the laid-back pleasures of miles of beaches and oceanfront pedestrian pathways here. There are many pleasures to partake in here, but if you’re up for some real excitement, don’t miss the “cliff divers,” one of the city’s primary tourist draws. These guys make the death-defying leap all day in exchange for your voluntary donation. Well worth the “price of admission!”


Big city, big beaches!

The beaches are seemingly endless here. Enjoy views of the city skyline and distant islands while the waves wash over you.


Miles of oceanfront walkways

If swimming’s not your thing, there are miles of pedestrian pathways sporting the same super views! Statues and other art guide the way to the tropical delights all around you.


Mazatlan Cathedral, exterior

Mazatlan’s architectural highlight is Mazatlan Cathedral, or, more formally, the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This baroque revival style building was finished in 1899.


Mazatlan Cathedral, interior

The interior is inspiring. The sunlight glow beaming through the stained glass bathe the sanctuary in brilliantly bold color, and towering pillars line the aisle like exclamation points paying tribute to the undeniable beauty of this place.

Mazatlan is at once old and new, peaceful and exciting. The contradictions are a joy to experience!

You can view my full video tour of Mazatlan here!:


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