Camel Riding in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Desert!


Riding off on tequila sands

For a really unique adventure during your Cabo San Lucas, Mexico visit, embark on a camel ride in the desert!


Kissing camel!

This is a three phase experience. First, you meet the camels and learn about them followed by a photo op (and, if you’re camel’s feeling frisky, a Casanova-like kiss!)


Ready to embark on the adventure!

Second, you mount the camels in groups of two (solo traveler? no problem, you’ll share with another solo) and embark on an enlightening journey along the beach and through the desert.


Epic desert journey!

I found riding a camel surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. Before mounting, I was warned that since the camels are wider than horses some people consider them uncomfortable. That was not my experience. My camel felt a lot more sturdy and the ride smoother compared to the horseback rides I’d been on. It was a wonderful way to travel!


Desert landscapes

The landscapes of the desert were beautiful. I was there in January, when temperatures were mild. This dazzling desert wonderland is flanked on one side by beach and the other side by mountains, a breathtaking pleasure to behold! Yep, this place has it all!


Rustic, authentic alfresco dining!

The third portion of the tour was an authentic, alfresco lunch buffet. Fabulous food in an amazing atmosphere – what more can you ask for after an exhilarating ride? (And, yes, camel meat was available…!)


Delicious authentic lunch!

Also on the menu: a tequila tasting! What a great way to quench your desert thirst…!


Too much tequila?!


You can see more of this unique experience here:!



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