Tour Radiant Rome, Italy

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The Colosseum

Tour Rome, Italy

Rome is a delightfully diverse city. Whether you’re seeking painstakingly preserved ancient ruins, beautifully boisterous baroque buildings, or significantly spiritual structures, Rome is the city for you! I spent four amazing days in Rome. This turned out to be just enough time to get a small sample of all this incredible world-class city has to offer. Geographically, Rome is a sprawling expanse. It’s best toured by double-decker tour bus or public transportation. Even if long walking distances don’t bother you, there’s so much to see in so little time (no matter how much time you have…!)

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Colosseum Interior

Rome’s Magnificent Colosseum

The Colosseum is often considered the symbol of Rome, and for very good reason. Brilliantly restored, it’s a step back in time to death-defying gladiator fights, bouts with wild animals, massive sea battles. (Yes – they filled the stage area with water and brought in boats…), and more. As I touched the timeworn stones and imagined the pageantry, I could almost feel the vibrant ancient energy of the place.

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The Forum

Rome’s Formidable Forum

The Forum is where the ancient Roman government conducted their political business. It was a system which inspired scores of modern political systems. As such, it’s another amazing place to reflect on our collective past. The might of the Roman Empire is apparent in these monoliths still standing centuries later – both physically and symbolically. So much of the way our societies function today we owe to the innovative thinking of the Romans.

St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican: Rome’s Country within a Country

A trip to the Vatican lets you explore a tiny independent country, and seat of spiritual superstar the Pope. You can check online for days and times when the Pope will make an appearance. Be advised, reservations are highly, highly urged for the sites of the Vatican to avoid long lines. The Vatican is a wonderful area in which to ponder the beautiful brilliance of baroque, and the magnificent works of Michelangelo and other renaissance masters. It is a Rome must-see for spiritual and secular visitors alike.

Rome. Cityscape image of Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy during sunrise.
The Spanish Steps

Strolling the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are best visited in the evening, where you’ll encounter many locals out for their evening walk – and after the day tourists are gone. Otherwise you can expect to encounter large crowds. The romantic glow of the fountains make this spot a favorite stop for couples. These massive stairs are a great way to work off the gelato you’re going to enjoy later…

Trevi Fountain by night, Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain: the Perfect Nightcap to your Rome Tour

The best way to cap off a day of endless marvels in Rome is to enjoy the Trevi Fountain by night, delectable gelato in hand. The lights enhance the allure of the fountain, and the surrounding traditional architecture. Sit under the stars and soak in the ambience! Relaxed and refreshed, you’ll be ready for sound sleep and an exciting day full of inspiring sightseeing tomorrow!

More ways to tour Rome!

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