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Fluenz Language Program Review

Fluenz Italian with Colosseum
Repeat the words exercise

Why learn languages for travel?

Welcome to my Fluenz language program review! But first, why learn languages for travel? When you gain conversational skills in the foreign language of the country you’re traveling to, or at least the proficiency to order in a restaurant, check into a hotel, and ask for directions, it greatly enhances the travel experience. Natives are often pleasantly surprised when tourists make the effort, and, I have found, sometimes they’re even thrilled. In addition to that, if you know know some of the language you will feel less intimidated in a foreign countries. I get very frustrated when, for example, I get lost and can’t ask for directions. And, perhaps best of all, you can better interact with the locals and feel more immersed in the culture.

So how can the Fluenz language program help?

My favorite language learning program for travel is Fluenz. (Note: this blog post is NOT sponsored.) So now that you know why it’s a good idea to learn languages before travel, you may be wondering why I feel Fluenz is the most effective language program available. It stimulates your motivation to learn, eliminates language learning boredom, and teaches you the most relevant content in the most efficient way, assuming you are learning for travel.

Fluenz German with castle
Write the word you hear exercise

Fluenz language program: best in the biz

Fluenz is the most effective language learning system I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I’ve even tried classroom instruction at the college level of four different languages. The first benefit to Fluenz is the relevance of the material taught. By the third lesson you are making complete sentences and placing orders in a restaurant. You really feel as though you’re making progress when the material is truly useful. In contrast, some systems encourage rote memorization of single words and not constructing your own sentences, or teach you words like classroom vocabulary that are completely useless in a tourism context. Fluenz is clearly geared specifically towards people interested in travel. And if you want to go beyond travel, the series of lessons is comprehensive enough to reach at least an intermediate level.

Fluenz Portuguese program
Phrase matching exercise

Defeat boredom with Fluenz!

The second benefit of Fluenz is the variety of different exercises that keep you from getting bored. Activities in the Fluenz program are fun and engaging. In contrast, with a lot of other programs you just repeat the same boring tasks over an over. Boredom is a guaranteed recipe for failure. The photos I’ve supplied here show some, but not all, of the exercises available. A microphone session is included, with which you can compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers. This is critical, not only to help you perfect your pronunciation, but also to further reinforce what you are learning. Your memory of the vocabulary and grammar you’re learning will be improved. Have fun learning languages, and you will have far more motivation to continue to fluency!

Fluenz French program
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Beautiful, culturally relevant visuals in Fluenz

The third benefit of Fluenz is the beautiful photos of the countries in which the language you are studying is spoken. Some other systems offer generic visuals, the same for every language, or, worse, no visuals. Stimulate more of your senses during the lesson! Then you will find you are more engaged and motivated. You will remember more when more of your senses are invested. These images are inspiring, and motivate you to keep going. You will long to visit these amazing places, and be immersed in the culture, when you absorb these visuals. The photographs are the biggest factor that has me looking forward to my daily lessons. In addition to the amazing pictures, the interface is sleek and polished, reminiscent of an Adobe or Apple product.

Fluenz Mandarin program
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Downsides to the Fluenz language program

Of course, nothing is perfect, and Fluenz has some downsides. For one, Fluenz is expensive. But once I paid one time for the product I had lifetime access, so it’s a great value. There are no monthly fees or end to access if I stop paying. Second, the selection of languages is limited to Spanish (Latin America or Spain versions), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese teaches pinyin only, no characters. If you want to learn the writing system you’ll need to supplement the program with a character textbook or other source. The limited selection of languages is particularly disappointing for anyone whose goal it is to visit other areas of the world not represented by these languages, or anyone whose dream it is (like mine!) to achieve polyglotism. Fluenz, if you’re reading this, please add more languages!

Fluenz Latin American Spanish with Maccu Piccu
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Conclusion on Fluenz

Fluenz gets my highest recommendation as a language learning program, particularly for travelers, but also for anyone learning for another reason. It keeps me motivated and engaged in language learning like no other system I’ve ever used!

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