Cruise Ship Behind-the-Scenes TOUR!

Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship

Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship Behind-the-Scenes Tour

During my most recent cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway, I took the cruise ship behind the scenes tour for a peek below decks. Norwegian Cruise Line offers these tours on most of their ships. Platinum tier level guests are invited to take the tours for free, and should sign up at the Rewards desk on the day of sailing. All others may sign up for a tour at the Excursions desk. Last I checked, the charge was $75 for this tour excursion. Unfortunately, the tours no longer visit the Bridge due to security concerns. But the tour is a very interesting and worthwhile experience nonetheless. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes – especially if you’re touring one of the mega-ships! You’re going to cover a lot of ground and get a good workout in for the day!

Costumes backstage for the show “Six”

Backstage at the Show Hall

To start off, the first stop on my tour was backstage at the show hall, where the dressing rooms are and costumes are maintained. The first room we entered had sewing machines and many tailoring supplies, as well as wigs and equipment used to keep the wigs in pristine condition. Before this tour, I had no idea how much attention was required to keep the costumes for these shows in good condition. And the second room was, in my opinion, the highlight of the tour. Because here the dazzling costumes were stored, including brilliantly colored and sequined clothing, footwear, and accessories. I recognized all of the costumes from the shows. For the show “Six,” there were two sets of boots: identical except that one set had higher heels than the other. The tour guide explained that the shorter heels are for use as a safety precaution when seas are rougher!

Downstairs in the laundry facilities

The Shipboard Laundry Facilities

I was very impressed by the massive laundry facilities! There were long rows of huge washer and dryer machines. And stacks and stacks of crisp, clean folded sheets and towels. Meanwhile, piles of laundry were gathered, waiting to be washed. And there were many employees taking care of customer clothes by hand. I found one machine particularly interesting that steamed articles of clothing, puffing them out to a giant size and then deflating them. Two friendly employees worked the sheet-folding machine, while the towel folding machines were completely automated. It’s a huge undertaking to manage laundry for thousands of people, and I was amazed at what an efficient system they had on the ship!

Cruise ship kitchen

Cruise Ship Kitchen

Like the laundry facilities, the kitchen was massive! Huge sections were dedicated to gigantic dishwashing and storage systems. Delectable menus were hung on the walls, planning service for the many restaurant options on the ship. And gigantic, shiny metal pots simmered on a multitude of stovetops. The counter space was abundant, and there were too many commercial ovens to count. We were able to watch several employees preparing for lunch service. The area was immaculately clean. After proceeding through the kitchen, we emerged to a hallway where blueprints of the ship were hung on the walls. Disappointingly, photography was not allowed in this area for security reasons, so I cannot share that with you here.

More Cruise Ship Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Of course, my descriptions can’t do the scale of these facilities justice – so I highly recommend you watch my video tour below!

Ultimate Travel Adventures on YouTube

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