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Welcome to the sixth podcast on Ultimate Casino Updates! Thank you to all of your for your support of this casino news podcast. I’m providing the transcript below for the hearing impaired, as well as links to the media sources I wish to credit with the news this episode.

Podcast transcript:

Hi, this is Heather Anne, and welcome to my podcast on casino travel news! On this show, I’ll give you all the latest updates on what’s happening in the world of casino gaming. I’ll also chime in with commentary and opinion from time to time. If you enjoy the podcast, please remember to subscribe and share! You can read a full transcript of the podcast and get links to news sources on my blog at ultimatetraveladventures.blog.

In some great news for Atlantic City, the Associated Press is reporting that live poker will be returning to the city soon, starting with the Borgata on October 21. At the Borgata, the number of tables will be reduced to 30 from 80, and clear barriers will be installed to implement social distancing. Cleaning measures will also be ramped up, hand sanitizer will be readily available to customers, masks will be required, and spectators will not be permitted.

In more good news for New Jersey, the Associate Press reports that the state broke its sports betting record, that was shattered in August, yet again. $748 million dollars in bets were active in September, compared to $668 million in August.

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Caesar’s Entertainment will reinstate parking charges in their garages on the Strip on October 30. Platinum tier level and higher guests will continue to be exempt from the parking charges, as will registered hotel guests and Nevada residents with valid ID.

CDC Gaming Reports is indicating that Mohegan Sun has been granted initial approval for a Las Vegas casino. The Nevada Gaming Control Board voted unanimously in support of Mohegan Sun’s first Strip casino. The tribe will be the first to operate a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino is expected to open January 15.

In Nevada, the Las Vegas sun is reporting that the American Gaming Association is warning that a federal coronavirus relief package for the casino industry is not expected in the near future. They blame the political impasse in the House and Senate for the lack of relief. As for my opinion, I’m appalled by the lack of action in Congress in providing additional relief, both in the form of money for struggling businesses and a second stimulus check for individuals. It’s time for these rich, entitled figureheads in Congress to get off their high horses and exercise some basic empathy towards people that aren’t uber-wealthy like they are.

Also in Nevada, CDC Gaming Reports says that Fitch Ratings is advising that while the casino industry is on the rebound across the country, the same is not true of Las Vegas. With 150,000 hotel rooms to book, Las Vegas relies heavily on convention business, and its more remote location depends on reliable flights. CDC Gaming quotes Fitch analysts as saying “A full recovery to pre-pandemic levels is not expected until 2024. The Las Vegas Strip will experience the slowest recovery relative to other major gaming markets and segments globally.”

According to KOLN, Nebraska will be voting on legalized gambling next month. Voters will decide on three initiatives. The first would amend the state constitution to allow “games of chance at licensed horse tracks.” The second would establish a gaming commission in the state. And the third involves gaming-related taxes. I want to wish my Nebraska listeners the best of luck in getting this passed!

Now for some good news from Canada. Casinos have been given approval to open from the province, if they agree to health measures in response to the coronavirus problem. Casinos that have opened this month include Gateway Casinos and Caesar’s Windsor. All casinos are restricting the number of visitors, requiring masks, and taking cleaning and social distancing measures. Guests at Caesar’s continue to be limited to people who have received an invitation and reserved in advance.

Around the world, macaobusiness.com has posted an opinion piece suggesting that there’s new hope of a comeback for the economy in Macao. The business environment in Macao is diversifying, including a greater focus on cultural and business tourism rather than casino tourism, which is viewed as unsustainable after the events of this year, at least in the near future.

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