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Travel Jamaica – Travel Paradise!

Jamaica is the best of both worlds: exciting and relaxing all in one trip! Whether you’re indulging in outdoor sports like Hiking Dunn’s River Falls, screaming with glee at the amusements on Mystic Mountain, chilling with some hash brownies at Nine Mile, or lounging on a beautiful beach bathed in sunset rays, it’s a magical place. And savoring some delicious Jamaican Patties and spicy Jerk Chicken makes it all that much better. There’s a lot to see, and a tour is an efficient way to get around and see it all. I highly recommend the tours here. (This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission at NO cost to you to support this blog, and never promote products I don’t endorse and personally use.) Dunn’s River Falls, Bob Marley’s Nine Mile, and Mystic Mountain are all convenient to Ocho Rios!

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls

You’ll hear a lot about Dunn’s River Falls if you travel Jamaica. Convenient to the resorts and cruise port at Ocho Rios, it is widely considered the most spectacular natural attraction on the island. At about 180 feet high and 600 feet long, these terraced waterfalls can be a joy to hike. But, fair warning… It’s a challenge! And, depending on your physical condition, may be a significant one. Climbing it’s steep, slippery steps will give you a real workout. The fantastic views provide a memorable reward, if you’re up to the task. I don’t regret it, but was sore for two days following the climb! And I’ve got another suggestion: wear swimwear! You’ll be chest deep in the water at times! If the climb isn’t for you, there’s a pedestrian path for gentle walking at the top to enjoy bird’s eye views of the falls.

Watch your step!

Arriving at Nine Mile

Bob Marley’s Nine Mile museum is also convenient to Ocho Rios. Here you can basque in the memory of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. He was born here, raised here, and buried here. A tribute to one of Bob’s favorite pastimes, you can partake in cannabis consumption here. Joints and edibles are available near the entrance. Take it slow if you’re new to the leaf! Next on the trail is a bar where you can order a drink or enjoy your marijuana while you wait for your tour to begin. Revel in the smooth reggae tunes of the live band! Pass the family graveyard along the path up to Bob’s first home.


Bob Marley’s Homes and Mausoleum

The first stop on the tour is Bob’s childhood home. It’s a small and modest dwelling, yet charming. Bob’s bed and other original furnishings and decorations remain intact. Next door is a chapel and two mausoleums – one for Bob and another for Bob’s mother. Shoes and photography are not allowed inside. In the courtyard surrounded by these structures is the rock Bob used to lay his head on, gazing at the stars, and sparking his creativity. There’s also a garden – complete with red, yellow, and green striped pots of plants, and, of course, marijuana plants! After exploring Bob’s childhood life, proceed to his adult home – a very large and more lavishly decorated dwelling!

Bob’s Childhood Home

Bob’s Adulthood Home

After Bob became successful in the music industry, he remained true to his roots. He built his new home at Nine Mile steps away from the home he grew up in. Like his childhood home, all of the furnishings remain intact. His piano is here, as is his mother’s massive doll collection. In addition to the living quarters of Bob and Mom, a museum of Bob’s achievements in the music industry are displayed here, including many awards and accolades he received during his illustrious career. All in all I found the visit to Nine Mile touristy, but fulfilling if you focus on the place’s purpose and history.

Chair Lift at Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain is a must for any fun-loving visitor to Ocho Rios. I had an absolute blast indulging in the exciting activities and entertainment here! First you take a chair lift high up through the rain forest (If you didn’t get “high” already at Nine Mile, now’s your chance!). The views from the lift are spectacular, giving you an aerial view of the ocean, port, town below, and any cruise ships that may be docked. People who fear heights – beware! Once you reach the top you’ll be treated to a show of live reggae music and dancers. But don’t linger long because the bobsleds down the mountain await you! Get your thrills zooming through the forest on your own, private bobsled! On the way back to the entrance (again by chair lift), stop for a zipline ride!

View from the Chair Lift

Craveable Jamaican Cuisine!

All this activity is sure to get your appetite going, so don’t miss out on the local culinary specialties! Red beans and rice, curried goat, and jerk chicken are delicious delights! But a favorite of mine is Jamaican Patties. These delicacies are curried-dough, flaky pasty turnovers filled with spicy ground meat. Jamaican cuisine has very diverse roots, including Amerindian, African, Irish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. If you want to eat like a Rastafarian, avoid pork, or go vegetarian. No trip to Jamaica is complete without these local culinary treats!

Spicy Grilled Jerk Chicken with Lime and Spices

Get High on Life When You Travel Jamaica!

Whether you’re riding high on a chair lift or smoking your way to satisfaction, travel Jamaica to get high on life! Get together with the friendly locals and feel all right on this island paradise! For the full video tour, check out my YouTube video at the top of this post. Once you’ve done that, if you’re longing to see it in person (likely!), I recommend checking out the great tours available here! Taking a cruise to Jamaica? Check out my behind-the-scenes tour of the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship here! Thanks for reading!

Performers at Nine Mile

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