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Treats for Travelers!

Treat your favorite traveler!

You may be reading this post around the holidays. Alternatively, you could be celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, or Boxing Day. Or maybe you need a great gift for an event, like a birthday, wedding, graduation, or anniversary. Maybe Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is coming up. You may even deserve a gift for yourself! Or perhaps you just want to say “thank you” to someone special. No matter what the occasion, I have the perfect traveler gift guide for you! I’ve included a variety of different price ranges to suit anyone’s budget.

Quick FYI

A quick note: this article contains affiliate links for which I may earn a commission at NO cost to you. ALL proceeds will be used strictly for supporting this blog, and I NEVER promote any products or services I don’t personally wholeheartedly endorse. If it’s linked here, I love it, and I’ll tell you why to help you decide if it’s right for you. As for sponsors, this article is NOT sponsored by any of the stores or brands linked or mentioned.

Best gifts under $25

5 Language Visual Dictionary

5 languages!

What could be better than a language dictionary for travel with FIVE languages? A language dictionary with five languages AND engaging, vibrant, colorful photographs throughout covering almost every topic! Every word has a visual representation here, and they’re beautifully rendered, all in full color. Your giftee will be covered for basic conversation in many countries with this dictionary! I also love the single language dictionaries from this publisher, particularly for language learning. A vast array of languages is available. I enjoy browsing them for new vocabulary when I have a few spare minutes. So if your gift recipient is studying one or more of these languages, this or the single language dictionaries also make great gifts! You can check it out here:

TSA Approved Liquids Bags

Liquids bags for air travel

If you like to travel carry-on only like I do, then you know TSA imposes limits on how much liquid you can bring onboard with you. Many airports also require liquids to be packed separately, and in a storage container that meets their size requirements. I’ve been using these liquid bags for years now to stay compliant, take the guesswork out of it, and avoid hassles going through security at the airport. As an added advantage, these bags protect your other packed items from leaks! And with this set of two, you can make sure your traveling companion stays compliant! (So you’re not waiting around, shaking your head, watching while your travel companion gets held up going through security…!) You can learn more, check out some other reviews, and order here:

Not Your Mother’s Travel Journal

Travel journal and scrapbook in one!

This is not your mother’s travel journal! More than your average Moleskin, this is the perfect product to use for journaling and scrapbooking in one. It features genuine leather, quality paper (lined, blank, and kraft), and a PVC pouch and card holder. I like writing as much as the next person (obviously!), but I still feel visuals and tangibles can really help you document your experiences in a way writing alone can’t. This is the perfect journal for that. What a great way to create lasting memories, and share them. You can get more screenshots and reviews and order here: http://TN060817003-3.

“For the Love of Europe” Rick Steves Book

Rick’s new book!

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a travel aficionado. If not, you’re likely looking for a gift for someone who is. In that case, this author needs no introduction. Rick Steves has been an authority on travel for decades, between his PBS television series, now in its 11th season, and the massive collection of travel guides and books he’s published. Rick Steves has released a new travel book: “For the Love of Europe.” Since this book is about his travel experiences throughout Europe, rather than one specific destination, it’s suitable for a wide variety of travelers, no matter where they plan on hanging their hat. Added bonus: great for reading on planes and cruise ships! Rick is the “best in the business” in my humble opinion. You can find out more about Rick’s book, read more reviews, and order it here:

iTalki Language Learning Gift Card

With iTalki, get 1 on 1 instruction with a native speaker

The best way I can introduce you to iTalki is through my YouTube full video review (not sponsored) here. I also have a blog post review of iTalki here. With iTalki, you receive one on one instruction from a native speaker in your target language. I feel there’s nothing more rewarding as a traveler than being able to communicate with locals in their native language. In nearly every instance I’ve done this, the response has been delight. So why not give the gift of language learning for travel? Virtually every language in the world is available on iTalki, and with a gift card your recipient can choose the language they want to learn the most. You can get acquainted with iTalki and purchase a $20 gift card (or another denomination) by clicking here.

My Pillow Travel Pillow

Comfy travel companion!

Anybody who travels frequently knows comfort is paramount, particularly during the transportation stage. You can lose hours, or even a whole day, needing rest when you arrive if you don’t take care of yourself properly during the trip. (Especially after a long or red-eye flight.) When you arrive at your destination well-rested, refreshed, and not in pain from being uncomfortable, you have the stamina and energy to get a jump start on exploring your new location. A My Pillow for travel is an ideal companion in the air or on the road! They come in a variety of cool colors. Check them out here:

Best gifts between $25 and $50

Swiss Army Knife Keychain

Swiss Army Knife keychain

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It’s achieved “lifesaver” status in my travels, and even when I’m just out and about on an ordinary day. You don’t realize how handy a mini scissors, knife, bottle opener, nail file, or screwdriver can be until you have them with you on your key chain all the time! I’ve had these on my keychain for years, and use them regularly. I open “adult-proof” packaging, use it on picnics, fix broken nails (particularly annoying!) and much more. Just remember not to bring it if you’re flying – I don’t advise trying to pass through TSA with it. Great for road trips and train/bus travel though! You can learn more and order it here:

Travel Voltage and Plug Adapter

Odoga Voltage Converter

Not all “adapters” are created equal. All of them can change the shape of the outlet so you can plug your devices in. But many do not also adjust the voltage. Some electronics can be fried and rendered bricks if plugged in at the wrong voltage. Be safe from this fate with this voltage AND converter to charge your electronics overseas. You can find out more about it, read more reviews, and order it here:

Magnetic Hooks and Clips for Cruising

Hooks and Clips

These magnetic clips and hooks are crazy-useful in cruise ship cabins. Most of the time the walls are magnetic in your cruise cabin, and you can hang these up wherever you want. I take both on my cruises. I use the hooks for hanging up cabin key lanyards, and I use the clips for excursion tickets, important papers like an itinerary, and newsletters. These are great storage solutions to make sure you don’t lose these important items, among the shuffle of papers delivered to your cabin every day! You can order the clips and hooks here:

SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card

Every photographer could use more of these!

I think it’s safe to say every traveler and photographer knows you can never have too many of these things. For that reason, this is the perfect gift for the traveler “who has everything!” No matter how many of these I bring on my trips I always wish I had more. This SD card, particularly useful for cameras and other recording devices, is available in multiple storage capacities. Makes a great stocking-stuffer, and small and light enough to mail to someone easily, too! You can check it out here:

Portable Meal Heater

Hot meals on the go!

A lot of hotel rooms have mini refrigerators. Not as many have microwaves. I believe it’s a scheme by many hotels to get you to visit their restaurants instead of heating up leftovers (even from their own restaurants!) or meals purchased in a grocery store. With this unit, you won’t be at the mercy of eating cold leftovers or spending more money than necessary. You can learn more and order one here:


Best gifts between $50 and $150

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Carry-On Luggage with Spinner Wheels

The suitcase I use the most!

I have to admit. This one’s my favorite. I’ve been using this exact suitcase for three years now traveling across the globe, and it has NEVER let me down. You can find it here: This suitcase comes in 12 vibrant colors, and is also available in a set (see below!) If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I’m a carry-on loyalist. I needed a carry-on that’s durable, light, fashionable, and holds enough for my long jaunts. I’ve taken this carry-on and a personal item for trips lasting up to a month! I don’t know how I can fit so much into a carry-on bag, but with this bag I can. It has interior pockets and straps, and is expandable. I’ve NEVER had a problem with carry-on approval, not even by the more strict European airlines. Its scratch resistant polycarbonate construction keeps it looking great even after years of use. It also features 350 degree spinner wheels and a TSA approved combination lock. This case has served me extremely well, and I recommend it highly.

Booked Hotel Getaway Weekend

A favorite Radisson of mine, in Hamburg, Germany

It’s a welcome indulgence to enjoy a hotel room for the weekend, even if it’s in your hometown. The idea of a sanitized room, maid service, and a beautiful lobby provide a refreshing getaway. Everyone can use a break from the same four walls from time to time. Throw in a whirlpool tub, a great view, and/or some delicious room service and it’s an indulgent treat! A Saturday night booked on behalf of your gift recipient is a welcome escape! Rooms are available in a variety of prices, but can often be booked in this price range or less. I’ve had an excellent experience with Radisson (the photo above shows the lobby of the Radisson Blu in Hamburg, Germany I stayed in), and you can check out their rooms right here!

Coleman Camping Tent

The ideal camping tent!

I’ve been using Coleman tents literally for decades. I remember camping with Coleman as a kid! Coleman is a trusted brand for camping gear, and for good reason. And these days, their tents are easier to set up and more compact and handy than ever! The Great Outdoors is becoming a more and more popular travel choice, and with this tent you’ll comfortably sleep two, enjoy Coleman’s WeatherTec system to protect you from the elements, and stay connected with storage pockets and an e-port! You’ll be prepared for anything! Learn more about it and check out additional reviews here:

Adventure for the Day

One of my favorite Viator tours, in Rothenburg, Germany

Who wouldn’t want to get away for the day on an adventure? With a tour, you can give someone the gift of fun! Whether you choose a tour in your gift recipient’s home town so they can get out of the house and have some fun for the day, or whether you think they may like to go further afield, this gift is sure to provide cherished memories. I’ve taken many tours with Viator, and always been very happy with the experience I received. The photo above shows a tour I took out of Munich, Germany with them on the Romantic Road. They have tours world-wide. Tours are available in a wide range of price ranges, including lower and higher than this price range. You can browse available tours and book by clicking here.

LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive

Store all your photos and video on the go!

Maybe you can relate – I’m constantly running out of storage on my devices while traveling if I don’t bring an external hard drive. Video footage in particular takes up a LOT of space. I prefer to travel prepared to shoot as much as I want knowing I’ll have a place to put it. But when you’re traveling not just any hard drive will necessarily do. I like to have a rugged, durable hard drive that can handle any beating my luggage may take. The LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive fits the bill, and has tons of storage space to boot. I recommend the 1TB version for most people, but devices with greater storage capacity are also available. You can learn more and order here:

Garmin US+Canada GPS Navigator

Let Garmin guide the way!

For hardcore road-trippers living in the US or Canada, this is the ideal GPS navigation system. Why limit yourself to one country? Sure, phones can do navigation – but if your cell data doesn’t have enough bars you could lose the connection – and get lost! Satellite works more reliably in rural areas, so I recommend a satellite GPS Navigator rather than just a cell phone. Get off the beaten path! With this unit, you’ll get lifetime maps for US and Canada! This device is so reliable it was a must when I drove a taxi. It even tells you where you can get a bite or fuel up during your journey. You can find out more and order one here:

Best gifts between $150 and $500

GoPro Hero 9

Get the shot with GoPro

The GoPro Hero 9 is here! And it can shoot in – (gasp!) 5K! The GoPro is my go-to camera for situations where other cameras are too fragile to take the risk, or where I need one of the many accessories available for GoPro that make it useful in a wide variety of situations. I love that you can completely submerge it in water, use it with a chest harness to be hands-free, or attach it to a vehicle. You can check it out, read more reviews, and order here:

Nintendo Switch Lite

Gaming on the go!

For gaming on the go, the Switch is the ultimate system. It’s awesome for entertainment on long flights, train rides, and road trips, waiting around in cruise ports, or back in your hotel room when you’re done exploring for the day. Its handy travel size is really convenient. And I’ve played a number of outstanding games on it, from all different genres. There really is something for everyone! It’s available in multiple colors. You can learn more and order one here: http://B086XHG4LT.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels Set

Great for digital nomads and families!

For the times when a carry-on isn’t enough, this is my favorite luggage set. It’s great for digital nomad long-term travel and travel for families. These offer the same premium features and quality construction as the carry-on individual suitcase I listed above. The set is also available in multiple color options. These are the best suitcases I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot of them. You can see the full description and more reviews, and purchase it here:

Indulgent gifts for your VIPs and BFFs

Beaches or Sandals Resort Vacation

A beach resort vacation – the ULTIMATE gift!

Let’s face it. The ultimate gift is an indulgent travel vacation itself. Who wouldn’t love a surprise vacation, all planned out so they don’t have to lift a finger? And a warm climate in the cold winter months? An all-inclusive resort is the ultimate hedonistic, self-pampering experience. Of course you’ll have to have some idea of the person’s vacation schedule, but these are the kinds of gifts you’ll probably be giving to someone like a spouse, significant other, best friend, or immediate family member due to the price point, so you’ll probably know. Beaches is best suited to families, and Sandals best suited to couples. You can explore your options with Beaches here and Sandals here.

Sony ZV-1 Filming and Photo Camera

Outstanding camera for travel vlogging

This camera is the perfect device for the person who loves vlogging or selfie-filming. They can use the accessory grip (sold separately), point the camera at themselves, and a flip screen will show them what’s filming. It’s designed to make it easier to film yourself while you’re walking around, capturing a more dynamic video – starring YOU. It can also be used for regular front-facing shooting, too. It works great in dim conditions, and captures video in full 4K UHD 2160p. You can learn more and order one here: http://B08965JV8D.

Have a Happy Celebration!

Whatever you’re celebrating, I hope it’s happy! I hope this traveler gift guide has given you some ideas. I will certainly be shopping this list for my friends and family, and I can’t wait to share my favorites all while enhancing their travel adventures! It can be tough shopping for people, and we always want to gift items that will be truly useful. I have found the items on this traveler gift guide very useful, and I hope your clan will too! Thanks for reading!

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