A Rothenburg Germany Christmas

Explore the quaint, cobblestoned town of Rothenburg, Germany for Christmas!
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Star studded garlands

A spectacular Rothenburg Germany Christmas

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany is a quaint, charming village to visit any time of year. But at no time is it more special than all decked out for the holidays in December! Star studded garlands drape gingerbread-style cottages. Dickens-esque cobblestone streets gleam with the reflections of brilliant lights strung outside shops. Candles glow on windowsills. Christmas trees abound around many a corner. Delectable sweet treats, like “zimsterne,” traditional frosted gingerbread stars, and the scrumptious “schneeballen” (or “snowball”) bring you into the bakeries. And the smell of roasting chestnuts wafts through the air. It’s the idyllic place for a Christmas holiday! So come along for a Rothenburg Germany Christmas!


Rothenburg: the past in the present

Rothenburg’s full name, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, translates to “Red castle above the Tauber.” The Tauber is the river that can be viewed from the town, preferably from the high points of Rothenburg’s walls. Rothenburg is a pristinely preserved medieval walled city. It’s a popular stop for tourists on Germany’s famous “Romantic Road.” This is how I experienced it. It’s the ideal trail for castle-hopping! Rothenburg’s cobblestone streets are lined with the gingerbread cottages of storybooks. To visit Rothenburg is to visit a fanciful fairy tale!

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Adding to the holiday allure are the powdery-white rooftops that come with winter here. It’s truly a winter wonderland! So slip into your snow gear, chill out with a cool snowman, or have a snowball fight from a REAL fort here in Rothenburg! Head up to the wall for spectacular views of the hilltops and forest surrounding the town, glimmering with a blanket of crisp, white snow. The snowy scene is spectacular, and just one of many charms this amazing town has to offer.

Christmas shop and museum

Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop and museum

No trip to Rothenburg is complete without a stop at the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop and museum. The business opened in Herrenberg in 1964. It was moved to Rothenburg in 1977 where it has stood since, attracting floods of fans of the holiday season. You can visit this popular landmark site any time of year for your dose of Christmas cheer. Learn about the history of Christmas in Germany. See historic ornaments and other old treasures. Or browse the incredible ornament and decoration collections in the shop! Whether you’re looking for tree ornaments, a nutcracker, festive dinnerware, a nativity scene, or a whole village of delightful decor, they have you covered!

Christmas market

Christmas market

The European Christmas market is known the world over as a fun place to stroll, enjoy the beautiful lights adorning the city square, people watch nostalgic crowds, and shop until you drop! The Germans really know how to put on a Christmas show, and Rothenburg shines as one of its greatest stars. While there may be a chill in the air, the warmth of the season is sure to comfort you at the Christmas market! So soak it all in with some piping hot chestnuts, a few Euros for an amazing find, and the spirit of joy that permeates the place this time of year!

Christmas market

Keep the spirit alive all year

If there’s one thing Rothenburg knows how to do, it’s keeping the spirit alive all year. With the Käthe Wohlfahrt shop open even in the hot months of summer, and the friendly residents spreading cheer all year, it’s a great place to visit any time. But no time is better than December! Thank you for reading, and please check out my video tour at the top of this post. Thanks also for sharing this article with friends and family! Comment below – what do you think would be your favorite thing about Christmas in Rothenburg? I’d love to hear from you. And if you want more holiday reading, check out my article on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship all decked out for Christmas here or visit Christmas in Bethlehem here! And if you want to bake up some Zimsterne at home, check out Martha Stewart’s recipe here!

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