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Missing Travel? Try Language Studies with the Studygram Community!

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Missing travel?

Do you miss traveling? Maybe you’re reading this article during pandemic lockdowns. Or maybe you just can’t travel right now due to work schedule, family, or financial restraints. When I find myself in this situation, my language learning studies really help. You can transport yourself to another place, in a way, through immersion in the language and culture. I know, it’s not “the same” as the “real thing.” But it beats dwelling on how much we “wish we were there!” If you’re new to language learning and are not sure to start, you can get help from my video on how to start learning languages here! I hope my #studygram channel will also help!

What is #studygram?

Joining the studygram community can be a great way to get your fix of foreign culture through language learning. At least until you’re able to travel again. Or you may find yourself getting hooked like I did, and wanting to incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle! But what exactly is “studygramming?” Studygram is a hashtag. It was originally meant for Instagram, but now is used more generally, along with #instablr, to mark content for the study motivation community throughout social media. If you want to improve your study techniques, no matter what topic you’re studying, this community can help. These channels and accounts can provide you with a “study buddy” too, if you don’t like studying “alone!”

Studygrammers love their supplies!

New studygram community YouTube channel!

By popular demand, I’ve launched a new #studyblr or #studygram YouTube channel! (Sometimes referred to as #studytube, although that hashtag hasn’t caught on as much yet.) If you’ve been searching for a language-learning studyYouTube channel, you’ve come to the right place! This will be a sister channel to my travel-focused channel, Ultimate Travel Adventures. I think “study with me” videos are a “love it or hate it” kind of video. So when these were requested by some of my followers, I wanted to create a separate channel for this type of video. The channel is called “Sassy Study Sessions.” I’ll be posting a variety of study vlog and study motivation inspired videos on it!

Something for every study session

This channel will feature something for every kind of study session. That means long study sessions and short study sessions. Sessions using apps, programs, textbooks, and note-taking. And more vlog-like activity that I slip in during breaks from studying. There will be lots of stationary, pens, supplies, and home office decor. (Something it seems people in the study motivation community can’t get enough of!) And I’ll show you a variety of different study and scheduling tools to help you decide which ones may be right for you. I hope to increase your purpose, productivity, and pleasure in your study sessions.

Language study is fun!


This study channel will focus on foreign language study. I hope this will appeal to many who like to enhance their travel experiences with knowing some of the language. This will include learning multiple languages, videos highlighting specific languages, showing you different language learning apps, programs, and textbooks in action, and note-taking tips specific to language study. I hope to load the channel up with many useful tips that will make your study sessions both more productive and more enjoyable! I’ll include both free and paid tools, to suit any budget. I welcome requests of topics to cover in the comments, as long as the topic is language-learning related. So I hope you’ll subscribe and join our study motivation community!

Why a studygram community channel?

It’s all about study motivation, and making the most of your study time to achieve the greatest success possible. I find these channels helpful to my study routine, and many people have asked me to start one. I’m better at retaining the information I study the more inspired and motivated I am, because it enhances my focus. If you’re not yet a member of the #studygrm or #studyblur communities, but you are interested in learning languages, or any other kind of study, I hope you’ll check it out and see if it’s helpful to you! These kinds of videos can give you just the kind of motivational boost you may need when you feel like slacking off! Study motivation channels are seeing a surge in popularity, and for good reason!

Benefits of language study to health

In the article “Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain,” the Guardian explains some of the advantages to mental health you can get from language learning, including increased concentration, problem-solving skill, focus, and a delay to the onset of dementia – as much as several years. (Vince, Gaia. “Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain,” The Guardian, 2016, link) I’ve experienced many additional benefits. These include improved memory and a sharper mind. Learning other languages also gives you a better understanding of your native language, as you learn to grasp different grammar concepts. Of course, some people also find their career opportunities enhanced, in addition to their travel experiences.

What about travel?

My YouTube travel channel is not going anywhere, and I’ll continue to post travel videos on it. I also don’t plan on posting studygram articles on this blog. (Language learning for travel program reviews, but NOT study articles.) But I wanted to make an exception this one time to take the opportunity to introduce you to this new channel at launch, in case you’re learning languages for travel and interested in study motivation. I’ll also be studygram posting on my dedicated #studygram Instagram account @heatherannetraveler! I hope you’ll join me over there!

Join our studygram community!

Thank you for reading, and for checking out the new channel! Don’t be left out of the fun! If you’re interested in study motivation or “study with me” videos, I hope you’ll subscribe and click the bell on my YouTube channel to be notified as new videos are released! Being a part of the studygram community has many benefits, as I’ve explained here. You can watch the channel introduction video for my new channel at the top of this article, or visit the channel here! Remember, it just launched – more videos are coming soon! And if you’re interested in more articles about language-learning, I recommend checking out my video on how to start learning languages here!

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