Paradise Awaits: Grand Cayman Tour!

Paradise awaits you on Grand Cayman Island!
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Escape to paradise in this Grand Cayman tour!

Whether you’re seeking miles of pristine beaches, underwater adventures, magnificent marine life, spectacular snorkeling, submerged shipwrecks, covert bank accounts, or sweet rum distilleries, Grand Cayman is the place for you! The Cayman Islands are a self-governing British territory in the Caribbean. Temperatures remain mild throughout the year. English is the official language. And, yes, they drive on the “other” side of the road! Infrastructure around the island is top-notch, and the islands are dotted with both awe-inspiring mansions and cute, little “gingerbread” houses. Due to the coral reefs, if you take a cruise ship you’ll need to dock offshore and take a tender to the port.

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

Around George Town

George Town, on Grand Cayman Island, is the capital city of the Cayman Islands. Here you’ll find a booming financial industry, as George Town houses branches for 40 of the 50 world’s biggest banks. Customers from around the world deposit funds into Cayman accounts to shield them from court systems, tax agencies, and to maintain the utmost privacy. George Town is also home to the Islands’ major airport and cruise port. Shopping opportunities also abound. Finally, you’ll find the Cayman Islands National Museum here, and it’s a great starting point from which to explore the rest of Grand Cayman Island.

Aerial view of George Town

Cayman Turtle Center and marine museum

The Cayman Turtle Center, in the West Bay area of Grand Cayman, is the top attraction in the Caymans to view, touch, and learn about Caribbean marine life. There is also a robust bird sanctuary. This is an interactive museum, where visitors are encouraged to get close to and touch a number of the animals. There is even an underwater exploration opportunity, to engage with the marine life in their submerged home. I was amazed by how close I was able to get to the beautiful creatures here. If you’d like to see more, the Cayman Turtle Center offers a virtual tour on their website here. Stingray City is another option for interacting with the island’s native stingray population.

SCUBA diving with Stingrays

Bountiful beaches!

Grand Cayman is abundant with beautiful beaches! This is perhaps the biggest draw to the island, and for good reason. The brilliant aqua waters shimmer in the sun rays, and the sands are powdery soft. Many of the beaches offer lounge chairs, restaurants, and snorkeling. From some you can take a sail on a catamaran, or sample windsurfing or jet-skiing. All of them offer soothing sunshine and warm waters. 7 Mile Beach is particularly popular, but don’t miss out on some of the less well-known beach locations. This is the perfect place for beach-hopping!

Rainbow of tables at Rum Point

Thanks for taking my Grand Cayman tour!

Thanks for coming along for my tour of Grand Cayman! I’m sure by now you’ll agree there’s a lot to see and do around Grand Cayman. Want to turn your Cayman excursion into an island-hopping adventure? Enjoy my tour of Jamaica here! And for more great video content – ALL travel ALL the time – subscribe to my travel channel on YouTube here! Finally, if you enjoyed this article, I hope you’ll consider supporting this blog so I can keep it sustainable. You can support my efforts with a donation of as little as $2 on Ko-fi here. Your support means a lot, and I couldn’t do it without you! I hope you’ll leave a comment below: have you been to the Caymans? Do you have a favorite spot? Have you not gone yet, but would like to? I’d love to hear from you!

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