Welcome! I am passionate about travel, and hope you will join me on the many adventures that will be featured on this blog! Whether you are a seasoned traveler or an armchair traveler, I hope you will enjoy the exciting journeys we will embark on here at Ultimate Travel!

My name is Heather, Editor-in-Chief and Traveler, and I’ll be posting this blog out of a love for travel, my hobby, not my business (as much as I wish it were!) I am a Master’s candidate at George Mason University in Virginia, and my other passions are Art History (my university major) and writing. I travel every chance I get – both domestic and international, from cruise trips, to five-star casino resort vacations, to roughing it in the great outdoors (well… not really roughing it!), to weekend getaways and day tripping. In addition to introducing you to the places I visit, I will strive to give many practical tips on packing and planning, and reviews of places, hotels, cruise ships, transportation options, and travel gear.

From my first overseas experience spending a month in Europe at the age of 12, I was hooked on travel… and my love for travel increases the more I trot the globe. Disclaimer: if you are not already hooked too, you may be if you start following this blog. And if you already are, I hope these articles will help satisfy your craving for travel information immersion when you’re in between trips! I know that I can’t get enough when I’m stuck at home, longingly anticipated my next adventure!

Thank you so much for your support! I hope to ultimate pair this blog with a YouTube channel that will allow me to post video tours and vlog episodes – it’s in the works!